The war is over.  Confederate soldiers from all over the South are returning home to a land that was destroyed by war.  Their way of life is now completely different.  Union President Lincoln is dead.  Confederate President Jefferson Davis has been captured and is being held in prison.  

What will happen to Morgan Dinkelfarb?  The men of the 2nd Florida surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse.  The terms of their surrender included a pardon and safe passage home.  They were expected to lay down their arms and disperse, never to fight against the United States of America again.  Many would go on to sign Oaths of Allegiance to the USA.
                                Morgan Dinkelfarb               E             2nd

                                                    Captain Clay Kearney
YOU now get to decide Morgan's future.  The buttons below will take you and Morgan on a new adventure.  Look at all of them, then select your choice to follow.