Manifest Destiny Choice Board

Using the COLOR given to you, choose one of these projects to complete.  Information to complete your project comes from your notes, the textbook, classroom maps, and your own research..

Trading post news.  You are to create a newspaper for your trading post along the Oregon Trail.  This newspaper will provide settlers heading west on the Oregon Trail with vital information as they progress west.  Your newspaper must include:
  • News from the Trail
  • Reports of Indians
  • Conditions of the trail
  • Supplies you sell

Imagine that you are President polk.  Write a letter to Santa Anna to explain America's position on the concept of Manifest Destiny as it applies to:

  •  Mexico
  • Texas
  • California


Create  Venn Diagram to compare and contrast a trip from Washington, D.C. to Portland in 1840 versus  that same trip (by car) in 2017.

You have decided to migrate west to improve your life.  You must now convince your souse that this move would be the best way to make life better for your family.  How will you convince him/her?  

Create a video telling him/her about the benefits of moving west and how your life will change.

Bubblemap Project.  From the primary source letters on this website:  The Alamo

Write a one page story of The Alamo.

Write a song to describe manifest Destiny.  Record that song on video.

Think like a gold miner heading west to seek your fortune in the gold fields of California.  You have to plan your trip.  What would you need to take with you or acquire once you get there?  Where will you live?  List the items, whether you will take them with you or acquire there, and how much you think they will cost.  Use this worksheet:
Gold Rush

You are the defense lawyer working for Sam Houston and are required to respond to the order from Mexico to cease the use of slave labor.  Slave labor is an integral part of the economy of the Texas Colony.  write a letter of to the Mexican government to express Houston's rational for an exemption to this law.

Using a relief map of the United States, chart the easiest route that you would take if you were to travel from Washington, D.C. t Portland.  A relief map can be found here:  Map

What challenges would you anticipate?  How will you overcome them?