A Call to Arms
The nation is tearing apart.  Southern states have withdrawn from the USA to form the Confederate States of America.  As incredible as it seems, the armies of the United States have invaded these southern states including Florida!  The newly elected President, Abraham Lincoln seems to defy the US Constitution.
Meet 18 year old Morgan Dinkelfarb.  Morgan is a native of Brooksville, Florida.  He is a yeoman farmer who owns 40 acres of land.  Most of the land is open and he raises a combination of cattle and indigo on his farm.  He works alongside his field hand and best friend Tyrone.  

Dinkelfarb has a sweetheart, Catherine.  She is a 14 year old orphan who lost her parents in an unfortunate cattle stampede.  Morgan would like to settle down and get married someday, but the events of the day are going to delay that dream.

Morgan is a homebody who doesn't care much about politics.  However, he supported the Florida Constitutional Convention which voted to withdraw from the United States of America along with neighboring states.  Morgan would like to expand his farm and someday purchase some slaves to help him on the farm.  He realizes that President Lincoln has plans to get rid of slavery in America and does not agree with him.  He feels that someone sitting in Washington D.C. should not influence his future here in Florida.
When Federal Troops arrived in Florida to put down a Rebellion of Floridian Militiamen, a "Call to Arms" rang throughout the state.  Morgan, the homebody suddenly was transformed by his patriotic duty to protect his way of life in his native country of Florida.

He attended a recruitment meeting for the 2nd Florida Infantry in Pensacola.  Despite the pleas of his beloved Catherine to stay out of the conflict, Morgan joined.  He was caught up in the moment and the battle cries of his friends and neighbors.  The duty to protect his country and the opportunity for a little adventure in his mellow life drew him into the growing war.  He became one of the rebels that President Lincoln was trying to eliminate.